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Køle og Fryserum samt køle-/fryse containere
til leje og salg fra TITAN Containers

Fra 4 til 100 paller eller flere – vi har produktet der møder dit behov. ArcticStore a division of TITAN Containers

10', 20' & 40' ArcticStores

These are our standard ,extremely user friendly, rental portable cold store. Standard features include easy opening doors, flat floor, internal lighting and ramp.

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20' & 40' Arctic SuperStores

Purpose built modules that when combined provide uninterrupted storage space from 26m2 (20') and 58m2 (40') to just as big as you require. SuperStores have identical user friendly features to ArcticStores above.

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10', 20' & 40' Standard køle- frysecontainere

Standard køle- frysecontainere med normale døre og "T"-sektion gulve.

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Special models

Over the years we have delivered purpose built and modified refrigerated containers to many applications. The most popular are "split" units with 2 separate temperature zones.

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Take a virtual tour

Take a look around in one of our SuperStores!


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