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Oplev det ekstreme - helt ned til -60°c!
ArcticStore Ultrafreezer nu til salg og udlejning
i hele verden

Hvis du har behov for køle- og frysekapacitet som kan gå lavere ned i temperatur end vores standard ArcticStore som klarer -20°c, så er UltraFrezzer den rette løsning for dig

<b>40' ArcticStore ULTRAFREEZER</b>40' ArcticStore ULTRAFREEZERAvailable as 40' hi-cube these ArcticStore UltraFreezer is built to operate and maintain -60C.

The container is more heavily insulated and alternative materials are employed to manage the material shrinkage and extreme vacuum that is created when operating at such low temperatures.

Regular applications are for the safe transport and/or storage of pharmaceutical products including vaccines as well as for the ideal storage temperature for tuna fish.

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