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erradicating bed bug and other infestations
from furniture, fabrics and even cars

Bed bugs can be much more than an a simple irritation. High levels of infestation can often result in skin rashes and other unpleasant experiences. Over the past years we have experienced an increasing demand from private individuals, museums and institutions looking to exterminate all types of fabric infestations.

We all have them and normally they are not a problem but from time to time the population explodes and they make life rather unpleasant. Bed bugs and other infestations can be killed through serious refrigeration.

We recommend 24/48 hours refrigeration at -40C to ensure that the core temperature of all your fabrics and such like reaches the required temperature followed by tempering back to normal temperature.

For cars the process is faster as there is only limited fabric. It is essential that the anti-freeze is functional and that any other liquids are removed. Most anti-freeze will manage with -25 °C and 48 hours exposure has proven effective.

To avoid damage we recommend a controlled warming (tempering) of the car and some other products after the freezing period. The container can be delivered to your address or you can bring your furniture, fabric and/or car to a TITAN Container Centre.


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