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Portable cold storage, refrigerated containers and cold rooms

ArcticStore is the specialist division of TITAN Containers with emphasis on storage units with effective and accurate temperature cntrol.

TITAN's acquisition of the ArcticStore business from the appointed Administrator was concluded 22nd August 2008.

July 2009 the acquired fleet of Container Exchange UK Ltd. was incorporated into ArcticStore March 2011 - Boxtainer Ltd, September 2011 - Canons Park Sweden and
April 2012 - AB Containers were acquired adding more new container and cold stores to the growing fleet.

Our rental fleet has an average age of less than 5 years ensuring top quality equipment.

In our many European offices and our international partner offices a well trained and dedicated team services worldwide customers and manages around 5000 container activities per month and an annual turnover in excess of £25 million.

From minus 60oC to plus 60oC and everything in between.

£ 10 per day is the typical saving when comparing our new machines with those typically used in the rental market when running at -25oC. At chill temperatures the savings are around £ 5 per day.

In fact the savings are almost certainly higher as tests were performed with closed doors. The more often the doors are open the greater the savings become.

ArcticStore is committed to bringing the full benefit and advantage of new technology refrigeration storage to your site.

With the introduction of new, state of the art, refrigeration machinery and containers we are adding new dimensions to the market. More effect, increased temperature range, improved reliability are just 3 reasons for choosing ArcticStore.

Suited to fresh, fresh-chilled, chilled, frozen and deep frozen products including meats, poultry, fish, dairy, fruits, vegetables, flowers, plants, bakery, pharmaceuticals, confectionary and ice-creams the benefits are significant.

Many of our rental units include flat flooring, butchers doors, lighting and other user friendly design features.

Learn more about us, the TITAN brands and our partners by clicking here.

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