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Greece’s Dairy Products are in Good Hands with TITAN Climate Controlled Storage

19-07-2021 - 08:48

Greece’s dairy industry is in good hands as DELTA S.A., a figurehead in the industry with 6 factories and over 1,300 farms, has taken delivery of 3, 40 ft HC Arctic Store Tropical climate controlled storage units, plus a 20ft HotStore.


DELTA S.A. was founded in 1952 with just 20 employees and 10 delivery vehicles, and today are responsible for 25% of Greece’s milk production. Their product line, which started back in 1952 with glass-bottled milk and yoghurt, has since grown to a huge range of yoghurt, milk, cream, cheese, infant nutrition, fruit juice and teas, and more. With so many farms and factories spread across the entirety of Greece, they needed the best cold storage units on the market, and so they chose the HC Arctic Store Tropical.


Climate Controlled Storage for a Tropical Climate

The 3 cold storage units will serve the growing needs of DELTA S.A. and maintain their milk products at suitable temperatures at all times, according to the company’s strict quality standards. These climate-controlled storage units are a recent addition to our storage containers and cold rooms and are built with 30% increased insulation to help reduce power consumption in tropical climates.


3 cold storage units will serve the growing needs of DELTA S.A. and maintain their milk products




These cold storage units are the perfect match for Greece’s high temperatures, and are monitorable from anywhere, which is perfect for an enterprise of this size in so many different locations. This feature allows you to monitor status, performance, log files, and even configure alarms and set points from anywhere in the world.


The Tropical ArcticStores will ensure DELTA S.A. can maintain their high quality products while reducing utility costs, even in a climate that has an average summer temperature in the early-to-mid 30s. And, as we have already seen with widespread heatwaves in the US and elsewhere in the world, climate change is making temperatures year-round even more unpredictable and likely to spike. This makes our ArcticStore units more essential than ever before.


Heated Climate Controlled Storage

DELTA S.A. also had one of our twenty-foot HotStores which maintain temperatures of 45C – 65C, which is essential in some applications for keeping milk products in the best condition. Maintaining these warmer temperatures is just as much as a challenge as keeping temperatures cool, and so our HotStores are essential for any business that needs to control bacteria in food products, as is necessary in the dairy industry.


twenty-foot HotStores which maintain temperatures of 45C – 65C



Excellent Client Experience

DELTA S.A. have joined the ranks of companies determined to maintain the highest standards with our top quality and cutting-edge products. All TITAN climate controlled storage guarantees constant, accurate temperatures along with remote monitoring and data collection. Of course, DELTA S.A. also now enjoys the best client experience and serve in the industry with the professional and passionate team at TITAN Hellas.   


We always give our customers the same level of quality service that our cold storage, hot storage, and warm-storage products provide. We’re always excited to welcome a new client in, as we nurture long-term, mutually beneficial relationships. 


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