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Unser brandneue ARCTICSTORE 40´- 12m in Wien angekommen ! (10-04-2019)

Unser ARCTICSTORE Tiefkühlcontainer leistet das beste für Sie ! Große Kapazität, Sicherheit, schnelle Kühlung, mit LED Beleuchtung, glattem Boden, Laderampe ....nur VORTEILE mit TITAN Containers !

TITAN finally arrived to Greece with ArcticBlast (21-03-2019)

TITAN Hellas has delivered the 2nd 40' ArcticBlast shock freezer to an important Greek distribution company in Athens.

The company already has one ArcticBlast5 from Titan since December and was so happy with the performance that decided to use it to double its shock-freezing capacity.

New deliveries in Germany ! SUPERSTORES made in TITAN ! (14-03-2019)

our brand-new SUPERSTORES have been just delivered in Germany !

TITANS Install a 3 Bay Superstore in Toowoomba QLD, Australia (15-12-2018)

TITAN Containers Helping our Farmers deliver quality produce when it counts!

Team TITAN completes another Arctic Superstore  (15-03-2018)

In Sunny Brisbane, Queensland.

Cold Storage
Fast freezing and chilling
Temperature controlled solutions for Indonesia

inside viewThe ArcticStore range includes:

  • Cold storage containers - ArcticStoresTM
  • Modular cold storage rooms - Arctic SuperStoresTM
  • Ultra cold storage - Arctic Ultra Freezers
  • Rapid chillers and blast freezers - ArcticBlast
  • Warm and hot containers - HotStores and HotStore Superstores
  • Road, Rail and Sea - containers for domestic and international transport including DNV offshore containers

Refrigeration: New technology, power saving, accurate and reliable temperature control

Power 380/440V 3 phase 32A fuse. R134A, R404A & R452A refrigerent options.

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Hire and Sale Choose the service most suited to your application

inside viewUser friendly Easy to use "plug and play"

Hygienic Interiors with food grade stainless steel

Temperature range From -65C to +65C see individual models.

Suitable for fresh fish, meat, dairy, fruits and vegetables as well as all processed food and beverages as well as pharmaceuticals and chemicals in sealed packaging.

ipower savings
Ambient temperatures Built to operate at temperatures up to +50C

Power Savings Scroll compressors, inteliigent Engineering and high insulation values deliver amongst the most efficient refrigeration solutions.

Better Ergonomics Saving time will save you money! All our products are designed for best possible customer experience and results.

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The ArcticStore brand is market leader in the supply of portable or mobile cold storage solutions with a range of products to meet the varying demands of the food, pharmaceutical, logistics and many other market segments seeking reliable and affordable temperature control. Founded in 2008 we continue to expand our product range as well as our geographical presence.

ArcticStore and Arctic SuperStore are registered trademarks of TITAN Containers A/S TITAN logog

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