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Getting colder by the minute

13-07-2017 - 12:11

ArcticBlasts at work around world

We are receiving very positive reports on ArcticBlast performance.

At the peak of the Atlantic Tuna season we received information that a 20' ArcticBlast with 2 refrigeration machines was managing to freeze approx 6.500 kg Tuna per 24 hours. Further, the power cost was only € 0.05 per kg which is only 25% of their existing freezer tunnel. This is a saving of more than € 900 per day when freezing 6.5 tons.

On the east coast of South America 20' and 40' ArcticBlasts are succesfully freezing 100-400 kg pelgaic fish. ArcticBlasts will shortly be operating in the south Pacific and Indian oceans.

It isn't only fish but also meat and meat products and ArcticBlasts will be used in a couple of months to fast freeze berries and chicken products in Europe and pre-prepared meals in the Caribbean.


See short promo video and our brochure


ArcticBlast - chilling and freezing




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