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TITAN Konteyner her yıl olduğu gibi bu yıl da bal üreticilerinin yanında.


İstanbul genelinde  otuzdan fazla şubesi bulunan restaurant zincirine 2 adet 10' Arcticstore teslimatı yapıldı

Before the severity of the current wildfires was known, TITAN Hellas was a part of the preparations for the upcoming hot summer season. (10-08-2021)

2020 and 2021 have been extremely engaging years for everyone here at TITAN, as not only have we been able to be instrumental in the growth of so many small and large businesses around the world, but we’ve also helped facilitate change toward a better world. Our cold units have helped transport essential COVID-19 vaccines safely around the world, our 4PEOPLE office units have been used to create a temporary water treatment plant to protect urban areas against drought, and provide essential staff, such as those working with the Beriev Be-200ES at Elevsis Airbase Airport, so they were ready to take action when the fires started earlier this month. 

TITAN Containers Spain is expanding... Again! (03-08-2021)

 New Self Storage site and local container hire and sales now open for business in Zaragoza.

TITAN4People Containers Build Site For Temporary Water Treatment to Combat Climate Change  (29-07-2021)


TITAN and our subbrand TITAN4People were proud to deliver three 12x3m container units and three 6.5x3m units to Kerkrade in the Netherlands recently, which have now become a part of a future-proofing project taking place in Europe called Life Local Water Adapt.


The portable office units have been custom-built for the site as a purpose-built temporary water treatment plant, and have been placed over large underground rain-water tanks which will be monitored and studied over the coming years. The goal of the project is to find out if the water in these tanks can be used for safe drinking water for the local community and if so, they will deliver water to the local community during times of need.


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