Portable modular open plan cold rooms.
Rent or buy, suitable for frozen or chill temperature storage of all kinds of produce and products.

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Taliored to fit your storage needs.


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Arctic Superstores


Portable cold stores are available for hire and sale worldwide. Our competitive rental rates for market-leading refrigerated storage are an attractive alternative to capex investment. Modular cold rooms with a difference. Using purpose-designed and built modules SuperStores are available in almost unlimited sizes.

The modules can be joined side to side (no supporting posts to interfere in use) and end or side to end where corner posts exist.

Most common module lengths are 20'/40' 6/12m and all modules are 8'/245cm wide. The most common external height is 9'6"/260cm.

There is almost no limit on the size of the installation. Suitable for use inside, outside or connected to buildings. The largest installation to date is almost 8000 FT2/800 M2

Installations have been up-sized, down-sized and even added a second floor. We have installations on all continents and in all climate zones. If you are looking for affordable open plan cold storage then Arctic SuperStores do the job - and simply put - do it better!

Arctic SuperStoreTM is a product designed and developed solely by TITAN Containers.

Refrigerated Container - SuperStore - TITAN Containers

Seeing is believing

Part of a 2700 FT2/250 M2 installation gives a good idea of the internal flexibility with SuperStore cold stores.

Great pallet capacity

See indicative SuperStore floor plans

Power efficient refrigeration

Due to the greatly reduced solar heating (compared with refrigerated containers), 20-40% less refrigeration is required to maintain the required temperature throughout the cold store. Chilled, frozen and heated temperature settings.

Hygienic and workplace safe

Easy to keep clean food-grade stainless steel and aluminium interiors. Day-glow health and safety signage, multiple internally opening emergency exits and man trapped alarms are standard features.

Quick delivery

If we are unable to deliver from stock 14-18 weeks is the normal lead-time. On-site erection is normally 3/4 modules per working day.

Superstore inside - TITAN Containers

Flexible solutions

An 800FT2/75M2 cold store with a 170FT2/16M2 temperature-controlled anteroom for preparing locally harvested fish for storage and subsequent sale.

Foundations are not always essential

As SuperStore cold rooms are self-bearing complicated and expensive foundations are often not required.

SuperStores need flat terrain with robust support at each end. We recommend adding central support with 40FT/12M modules.




SuperStore Containers

SuperStore with special doors

SuperStore Container installation

SuperStore with blast freezing

superstore container mr crumb

SuperStore on 2 floors

Superstore 6 - TITAN Containers


SuperStore with electric doors

6 x 40FT/12M SuperStore for cold testing cars and car components at a major car factory in Europe. 

This installation also included specific ventilation to remove harmful exhaust fumes.

Bespoke design can be delivered in as little as 14 weeks from order.



SmartArctic gives 24/7 remote control and monitoring of the cold store refrigeration units as well as a remote download from the in-built datalogger. Manual on-site data download is a standard feature.

HACCP for all products ensures a compliant documented standard for the storage of all types of products and produce.

We control and account for Fgas in accordance with local and ISO 14001 requirements.

Arctic SuperStores are workplace safety compliant.



Frozen storage from minus 0°C/32°F to minus 40°C/F. No matter what the set-point between these temperatures and the external ambient temperature the Arctic SuperStore will precisely maintain the required temperature.

Storing at chilled temperatures from plus 0°C/32F. Set the temperature and the refrigeration will do the job. Accurate and very precise control within 0.25 of 1 degree C.

Heated storage is as simple as setting the temperature. Arctic SuperStores will maintain temperatures as high as plus 45°C/+113°F.




Pharmaceuticals, drugs, medicines and vaccines at manufacturers and throughout the logistics cold chain prior to use. 

Bio- and Life Science applications

Fresh produce including fish, meats, fruit and vegetables as well as many dairy products.

Processed foods of all types at manufactures, during distribution and at all types of outlets from farm shops to hypermarkets.

Food and beverage storage at festivals, events and similar.

PCM Phase Change Material cooling and freezing.

Cold Testing of components, parts and finished products.

Carbon fibre and  other delicate materials requiring accurate temperature controlled storage.




Internal door release/escape hatch ensure trapped personnel can always leave the cold room.

Easy opening doors reduce the risk of back injuries when opening and closing when compared with normal container doors.

Internally activated alarm with external siren and beacon.

Anti-slip floor and internal lighting for safe user experience.

Fixed ramp with sides for safe loading and unloading with wheeled material handling equipment.

Mandatory day-glow safety signage with supplementary additional information signage.

User manual in the local language.



Arctic SuperStore Build at Heathrow | Enhancing cold storage solutions

Discover how TITAN Containers effectively addressed Heathrow Airport's urgent requirement for increased food cold storage by implementing our innovative Arctic SuperStore range. Our client-centric approach allowed us to tailor a unique solution that exceeded expectations. By deploying 16 x 40ft containers, we provided an expansive 475 m2 floor area, showcasing our expertise in delivering substantial installations, with our largest to date nearing an impressive 800 m2. Learn more about our specialized cold storage solutions and how we excel in meeting our clients' specific needs.


Bring real economic benefit every day, almost no downtime or need for call outs, time savings on staff and finally an almost perfect environment for your products and goods are all additional advantages.  Ask about ArcticStore if you find the SuperStore too large they are available 10’, 20’ & 40’.


High insulation values reduce the machinery’s need to work. Low lorry mounted crane delivery and collection costs. Prompt nationwide availability.


All refrigeration machines are new technology with low power consumption ensuring the lowest possible operating costs. To the best of our knowledge, all our containers/ portable cold stores are manufactured using ethical practices and controls.


SuperStores are now available as dedicated blast freezers/rapid chillers. ArcticBlast 5 model will freeze 20T meat in less than 24 hours or chill fruit and produce in no time. Arctic-Blast is available as stand-alone or integrated in a storage SuperStore facility


  • 10'/20'/40' or 3/6/12m sizes - with end doors
  • High insulation value/low air leakage
  • Flat anti-slip aluminium floor
  • Easy, 1-hand opening doors with inbuilt lock 
  • Ramps for easy access
  • Internal lighting
  • Escape hatch/emergency exits and man trapped alarm


  • SmartArctic remote control and monitoring
  • Noise-reducing acoustic cabins for inner-city and other restricted areas
  • Support legs for SuperStores at loading ramps and similar locations
  • Bespoke Arctic SuperStore designs including side opening and alternative sizes 

Visiting Casa Italia A/S 

Casa Italia is a family business that has been importing Italian raw materials such as flour, durum flour, rice etc. to Scandinavia for 2 generations. Today Casa Italia supplies a wide range of ingredients from Italy to all sectors: Industry, Food Service and Retail.



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Seeking Something Different? Discover Our other popular Cold Storage Solutions

ArcticStore a TITAN Containers brand, we pride ourselves on providing a range of cold storage solutions to meet the diverse needs of our customers. In addition to our popular ArcticStore model, we offer several other options to suit various applications. 

ArcticStore ExhibitionFor those who require rapid chilling of their products, our ArcticBlast container is an excellent choice. Available in 10 foot, 20 foot, and 40 foot sizes, the ArcticBlast can quickly lower the temperature to meet your needs.

When extreme cold temperatures are needed, the UltraFreezer  is the ideal solution. With temperature capabilities as low as minus 80 C°, this container is available in 20 foot and 40 foot sizes to meet your storage needs.

For those in need of a portable cold storage solution, the ArcticMINI is a great option. This trailer solution offers flexibility and convenience while maintaining the quality and safety of your products. Take your cold storage with you wherever you go.

No matter your cold storage needs, ArcticStore has a solution that will work for you. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services.

Wondering if our ArcticStore models are suitable for your needs? See some of the industries we help with cold storage.

Keep Your Goods Safe, Anywhere, Anytime, with SmartArctic's 24/7 Monitoring

freezer storage containers service smart arcticDo you want to have real-time access to monitor your products or goods from anywhere, at any time? Our SmartArctic solution offers 24/7 accessibility, giving you peace of mind whether you are at home, in the office, or on the go.

With SmartArctic, you can remotely monitor the temperature, humidity, and other important metrics of your products or goods in real-time. This cutting-edge technology allows you to receive alerts and notifications via email, ensuring that you stay informed and can take action quickly if needed.

Whether you're overseeing a complicated supply chain or have to keep an eye on the quality of your products during transit or at your premises, SmartArctic offers a reliable and convenient solution. Our state-of-the-art technology provides you with the information you need to make informed decisions, minimize risk, and maximize the value of your products or goods.

Experience the benefits of our SmartArctic solution today and take control of your cold storage needs. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you enhance your business operations and ensure the safety and quality of your products.


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