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ArcticStore Customer Stories

Explore a collection of captivating customer stories where ArcticStore has played a significant role. With more than 30+ locations worldwide, as well as nationwide availability throughout the United Kingdom, ArcticStore is the first choice refrigerated container for events, catering, cold chain logistics, fresh and frozen products, and much more. 

ArcticStore Participating at the 

Vienna Marathon 

Providing cold storage for drinks and refreshments at the Vienna Marathon 2022. The drinks had been kept at a temperature of +4°C/+5°C, perfect for all the runners. The City of Vienna could count on our efficient refrigerated containers, we are happy to have played a role in the event.

ArcticStore - Official Supplier To

The British Commonwealth Games

 Our precision temperature-controlled storage kept refreshments cool for 160 of the world's best cyclists, the squash and hockey events, and the principal Athletes’ Village.

ArcticStore in Athens - Safe and reliable cold storage

Athens Flea Market

Installation of 9 ArcticStores in the historic centre of Athens in order to ensure the safe storing of fruits and vegetables during the renovation of the Flea Market. 

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Moving from a backup provider in 2021 to the primary provider in 2022, in addition to me having a significant increase in other areas of the business meant a spread of work that left little room for proactivity this year. Having said that, I wanted you guys to know how much easier you all made my requirements. I can’t understate the pressure you took off by covering everything I needed when I needed it and it's very much appreciated. I have some more perspective events clients looking at work in 2023 and definitely will be continuing to lean in on the TITAN brand...

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Since May 2021 we have successfully distributed more than 13,000,000 doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine to 21 different countries throughout south-east Asia and the Pacific, with such a high volume and turnover of such valuable and fragile commodity, the Artic Store units have served us incredibly well, being food and vaccine safe is the reason we have chosen to use and purchase 2 of these units. The Federal Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) have also spoke highly of these units as the remote monitoring feature helps put their minds at ease as they can log in and monitor the vaccines any time they desire.


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