Refrigerated storage of food and beverages

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Tiny, small, medium and large cold stores

10ft Arcticstore- TITAN Containers

8ft/2.4m Cold-box
10ft Arcticstore- TITAN Containers
10FT/3m ArcticStore
20FT/6m ArcticStore
40FT/12m ArcticStore and if you need something bigger there is the open plan SuperStore
SuperStore Open Doors Containers

We supply affordable refrigerated storage


Where you need

When you need

At the temperature you need 

For a day, a week or longer


From a few square meters or feet to our limitless SuperStore open plan modular cold store we have a size that suits.

ArcticStores are extremely user friendly, very easy to use and to keep clean. 

With many years experience delivering to large and smaller shops, markets, supermarkets, airports and all kinds of food outlets we understand the importance of timely transport and reliable solutions.

ArcticStores with easy opening doors and internal lighting make life much easier and faster for your team to store and to retrieve what is needed.

With many door openings (and closing) the fast pull down time ensures the required temperature throughout the cold store is established soonest possible.

ArcticStores are available for prompt delivery in many countries and with the SmartArctic remote control and monitoring app.

TITAN offer delivery and collection transport services or you may make your own haulage arrangements.


We try to leave nothing to chance and many year's repeat business with many customers around the world is a credit to our experience and reliability.


Deep frozen, frozen, chill or heated we cover the entire range!



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ArcticStoreTM is a brand of TITAN Containers.

Would you like to know more about us

  • More than 30 years experience supplying temperature controlled storage solutions.

  • Probably the biggest temperature storage range from below -70°C/-94°F to more than +70°C/158°F.

  • Customer needs and expectations in focus and always 1st priority. See customer testimonials.

  • 24/7 SmartArctic remote control and  monitoring with data download and alarm settings.

  • Global supply of identical products that work in all climates and at all set-points.

  • With our in house Transport division, we deliver to all UK counties and regions including Northern Ireland. We can even supply next day in many areas.

  • Always competitive rental and sales prices with flexible terms.


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