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storage of fresh and frozen meat


ArcticStores are often used for fresh and frozen meats as well as  processed meat products.

10/20/40FT - 3/6/12m sizes

Arcticstore 20ft - TITAN Containers

The meat industry is also an active user of our open plan SuperStore cold rooms. Some of these feature an ante-room or prep-room. SuperStore TITAN Containers




Freezing meat and products



Meat products can be rapidly frozen directly after butchering.  

The ArcticBlast 2 is suitable for limited daily volumes.

BlastFreezer - TITAN Containers

For higher volumes or to speed up the process some users prefer the increased power and effect from ArcticBlast 5

ArcticBlast TITAN Container


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ArcticStoreTM is a brand of TITAN Containers.

Would you like to know more about us

  • We have more than 30 years experience supplying portable or mobile cold storage to the fresh and frozen meat industries.

  • Pehaps the industry's  biggest temperature storage range from below -70°C to more than +70°C  or -94°F to more than 158°F.

  • From slaughtering to consumer sales customer satisfaction is always in focus and 1st priority. See customer testimonials.

  • 24/7 SmartArctic remote monitoring and operating controls. Remote data downloads as well as options to set warning alarms.

  • Worldwide supply of identical cold storage products. suitable for all climate zones up to 50°C ambient temperatures.

  • With our in house Transport division, we deliver to all UK counties and regions including Northern Ireland. We can even supply next day in many areas.

  • Our prices and business terms are always competitive.


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